Name Development Case Studies 

Ledgers Unbound

Aldermark was approached to develop a name for a company specialising in offsite bookkeeping services for startups and SMEs.

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The client requested that the name convey the idea of ‘freedom’ - specifically, the idea that the company frees up time and space for startups and SMEs to focus on the things that they do best, and in so doing to help them realise their full potential. We proposed a total of 3 names, with the client ultimately selecting Ledgers Unbound.

This name is a subtle play on words, since a ledger (i.e. a book) is always bound, while ‘unbound’ also means to release or free something. This creative double meaning gives the name an especially memorable quality whilst also perfectly and succinctly encapsulating the message intended by the client.

Hunter & Smoakes

Aldermark was approached to develop a name for a business specialising in wood smoking pellets and related products for barbecues and outdoor grills.

As a B2C brand, the name needed to be memorable, friendly and engaging. We proposed a total of 6 names, including Southern Star BBQ, Hank Westwood and Woodsmoke Grove. The name ultimately selected by the client was Hunter & Smoakes.


This name is intended to evoke the naming conventions of a traditional vendor. While historically this conventional structure utilises the surname of the business owner, today it is common to play on this tradition with a word that is suggestive of a surname but which also conveys information about the nature or character of the brand.

‘Smoakes’ is intended to suggest the wood smoking process. ‘Hunter’ evokes the traditional method of hunting animals for meat, creating a subconscious association with the outdoors that suits a brand focused on barbecue-related products. It gets right to the heart of what the brand is about with simplicity and effectiveness.

Fawcett & Hobbs

Aldermark was approached to develop a name for a business specialising in bathroom and kitchen tiling. The client requested a name that clearly reflected the nature of the business, whilst providing flexibility for their future expansion into full kitchen and bathroom fitting services. The client further requested that the name have a touch of quirkiness.


We proposed a total of 6 names including Groutabout, Life of Tile and Basinstove. The name ultimately selected by the client was Fawcett & Hobbs.

This name is inspired by traditional surname-based business names. It creates positive associations by harking back to a simpler time and giving the customer a warm sense of familiarity. This approach also gives the impression that your business is built on traditional values of customer service, while the use of names introduces a human element that promotes engagement and trust.

The ‘surnames’ themselves are a tasteful play on items normally found in bathrooms and kitchens, specifically a faucet (more commonly known as a tap), and a cooking hob.