Name Development

Creative and Compelling Name Design for Businesses, Brands and Products

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Coming up with a name is usually one of the first steps in creating any new business, brand or product. It's also one of the most important and the most challenging. How do you know which name is going to be effective? How can you be confident that you've made the right choice for your brand? Aldermark is here to help.

Creative brand naming and name design and development agency for a business, company or product. Also straplines and taglines for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Our brand name development process draws on creativity, expertise and analysis to generate a unique and compelling set of proposals and recommendations. Using a combination of consultations and lively interactive workshops, we help our clients to find the unique core of their brand and distill it into a pool of relevant key words. From this raw material, our best minds design a set of creative brand name proposals that your audience will find authentic, memorable and engaging. Additionally, we ensure that each name is meaningful, distinctive and future-flexible.

Our graphic designers also provide their insight, verifying that every brand or product name we consider is suitable for representation in the form of a logo, and offers the possibility of compelling creative synergies with the rest of your brand design.

With the creative proposals in place, our proprietary in-house validating procedure will ensure that each name under consideration is fully protectable and free from any negative connotations. Even the most creative and original name only has value as a brand asset if it meets certain practical conditions, so we check everything from trademark registrations to Google search results and much more, to ensure that the brand names we propose are credible and market-ready.

The name options that we ultimately recommend will be accompanied by a clear rationale so that you can make a confident and informed decision. Our name development process is also well suited to designing taglines and straplines for brands, products and marketing campaigns.

Aldermark Website Graphics-05.png