Logo Design

The defining creative expression of your brand's visual identity

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Logo design is typically the very first creative expression of your brand's visual identity, and as such it's vitally important to get it right. Your logo will play a huge role in defining your brand for your audience, so our professional logo design process ensures that we consider practicality and strategy as well as creativity and impact.

The best creative and professional logo design agency and graphic design service for business, company or product based in Cardiff, Wales and London, England, UK.

We'll consult closely and extensively with you to ensure that the logo design concepts our designers generate will support your communication objectives, be relevant to your target audience and appropriately reflect your brand's personality and positioning. In this way we generate a thorough creative brief that will guide our designers whilst still giving them the freedom to create something unique and extraordinary. Feedback sessions and workshops will help us to evolve and refine the logo design proposals until we reach the very best final design that you'll be excited and proud to share with the world.

At Aldermark we delight in crafting typography, wordmarks, emblems, icons and lettermarks that break the creative mould whilst complying with long-established best practices in graphic design. 

We recognise that your logo is your most precious brand asset, so we give you everything you need to ensure that it's displayed consistently and effectively across all platforms and media. You'll receive your final logo design in a variety of the most commonly used file formats including JPEG, PNG and vector. You'll also receive a logo usage guide, so that every designer who works with your brand has clear parameters to ensure that your logo is always shown at its best.

Aldermark Website Graphics-05.png