Identity Development

A collaborative approach to defining the positioning and Voice of your brand

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Identity is everything. Graphic design may be the most visible manifestation of your brand, but without a clearly defined underlying identity it's all just so much window dressing. Aldermark can help you discover and define the positioning strategy that best fits your brand's personality and supports your commercial objectives.

Brand identity design agency and positioning strategy services delivered via mission statement, vision statement, brand values, brand story and tone of voice. Based in London, England and Cardiff, Wales, UK.

An effective positioning strategy is about more than finding a gap in the market. It's about differentiating your brand from its competitors in a way that your target audience will find authentic, meaningful and engaging. It's about creating, expressing and maintaining a brand culture that inspires your staff and makes your customers care.

Using a combination of consultations and lively interactive workshops, we help our clients to find the unique core of their brand and identify the areas where audience, ambition and authenticity coincide. Our talented strategists and creative copywriters work with the visionaries behind your brand to define and express your brand's personality and positioning approach through mission, vision, values and story.

Just as important as your brand's message is the way in which it's expressed, not just in terms of the initial positioning strategy but in every customer interaction and touchpoint, every day. We can help your brand find its voice, and develop resources that will ensure a consistent tone across all of your brand communications.

These materials will not only help your customers to understand and engage with your brand, but will also shape and guide your business in support of its objectives in the years ahead, laying the foundations for a vibrant brand culture both within your organisation and beyond.

Aldermark Website Graphics-05.png