Affordable Brand Development & Design for Startups

Affordable • Flexible • Inspiring

Aldermark: Startups is an exciting initiative designed to deliver quality branding and design services via a no-frills, streamlined process. We aim to give small businesses access to a curated selection of agency services at an affordable rate, with transparent pricing at every stage.

Our comprehensive startup branding packages will help you to develop your startup's brand identity, position your product or service offering, and deliver all the materials you need to take your startup from concept to reality. Startup founders and small businesses in the UK and around the world are discovering the value of an Aldermark: Startups brand.

We're on a mission to be recognised as the natural first choice of brand development agency by startup founders across the globe, and to support a thriving culture of entrepreneurship that sets small business on a level playing field with global mega-brands. We believe that effective brand identity is too important to be beyond the means of new startups, regardless of their size.

A Solution Designed For Startups

How do our Aldermark: Startups branding packages differ from our full agency service? Put simply, Aldermark: Startups keeps costs low by being very specific about the parameters of each startup branding package from the outset and being especially methodical in the way your materials are developed and delivered - without sacrificing creativity.

Each startup branding package and service module includes a set number of proposals, design options, revisions and so forth. Access to agency professionals is also more restricted. The important thing to remember is that we never compromise on quality and we still treat every project as a unique expression of creativity - we don't do cookie-cutter brands.

Clients that need more flexibility or want to develop a deeper creative partnership should consider our full service options.

Startup Branding Packages

The startup branding packages presented below have been carefully tailored to include the core branding and design services that we believe are critical for every small business. With five startup branding packages to choose from you're certain to find an option that suits your small business' needs and budget.

The essential startup branding design agency package for small business and sme.

The Essential


If presenting your startup consistently and professionally is a higher priority than creative bells and whistles, The Essential package could be for you. This startup branding package includes basic identity development, full creative logo design and template-based brand guidelines.

The bootstrapper startup branding design agency package for small business and sme.



The Boostrapper is for startups that need a creative and unique visual design in addition to logo design, basic identity development and a bespoke set of brand guidelines. This startup branding package is a great choice for ambitious startups that don’t necessarily need a lot of additional design materials right away.

The entrepreneur startup branding design agency package for small business and sme.



When you need to start networking and promoting your startup from day one, The Entrepreneur has you covered. This startup branding package includes brand development and design services plus important brand collaterals like business cards, letterheads and social media profile graphics.

The livewire startup branding design agency package for small business and sme.



Startups that need brand development and design services plus an attractive and functional mobile-friendly website will find The Livewire to be the perfect choice. This startup branding package is the best way to get your startup online and start making an impact without breaking the bank.



All of our Aldermark: Startups branding services in a single comprehensive package. This startup branding package includes identity development, logo design, brand guidelines, an attractive mobile-friendly website and a wide range of important and useful brand collaterals - the works.