About Us

Aldermark is the flexible, full-service agency for branding, marketing and graphic design services. We support businesses and brands at every stage of their journey, from name development and logo design to creative marketing campaign concepts, rebranding and everything in between.

Supported by a highly consultative and collaborative process, our client-led approach to branding and marketing gives every stakeholder a powerful voice in the creative process. By fostering meaningful involvement by our clients at every stage, our process benefits from their expertise and passion, allowing us to create brands and campaigns that are more authentic, effective and engaging. Projects that have been developed with the degree of stakeholder involvement that we facilitate connect more effectively with staff and colleagues to encourage a sense of ownership, maximum buy-in and a vibrant brand culture.

Each of our services and processes is highly modular, allowing us to prepare fully bespoke solutions that are finely tuned to our clients’ needs, timetables and budget. We add, remove and swap out service modules or scale them up and down to suit each client’s objectives, all whilst maintaining the highest standards of execution. We can join you at any point in your brand's journey and start delivering quality, on-brand material and valuable support right away.

We pride ourselves on our inquisitiveness, intuitive understanding and flexible thinking, all of which allow us to get to grips with new concepts and unfamiliar sectors quickly - you might say that adaptability is our specialisation. Whether you're a startup, SME or a major multinational company, when your knowledge and passion is combined with Aldermark’s creativity, flexibility and insight, all the right pieces fall into place.

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We deliver flexible and distinctive branding, design and marketing solutions for brands and businesses of every size, supporting ambition at every stage of your journey.



We believe that with a flexible and modular approach to branding and marketing services, our agency can truly be all things to all people, delivering brand development services for startups with the same efficiency and flair as a national advertising campaign for major household brands.

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